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Registration, Eligibility Requirements and Submission of Bids under the PhilGEPS
sir.. good day po.. paki clarify lang po itong section po sa revised irr about PhilGEPS po.. thanks po.. "Section 8.5.3. Registered bidders determined to be eligible may submit their bids at any time before the closing date specified in the
PhilGEPS Posting
Am a newbie PhilGEPS user, may I inquire if all procurement including small value procurements needs to be posted in the PhilGEPS Website
Foreign Entity's Registration with Philgeps
Good day! I have a question, our company is a foreign company with no office here in the Philippines. We want to enter into government biddings, are we required to register with Philgeps? or this is waive for foreign bidders? Thanks,
Posting of Procurement of Common Use Supplies at PhilGEPS
Anybody's opinion please: Is it required to post the award of Procurement of Common-Use Supplies to Procurement Service (Depots) at PhilGEPS Website as one of the indicators in the Agency Procurement Compliance and Performance Indicators (APCPI?
use of peoples organizations (po)
some of our other offices used the POs in their seedlings procurments, accordingly POs are exempted from the process of public bidding. How true is this? we are in a hurry to meet the planting schedule of National Greening Program. However, up to this
joint venture agreements
this is to seek your opinion against mine, regarding joint venture agreements....facts..1. jv of 5 rice millers who owns rice mills of different capacity 2. tor says that award is based in their capacity to mill 3. jv is to nominate a representative
Posting of Bid notices
Can you help out? What are the steps in posting the bid notices in the Philgeps. If you can do it step by step, the better 'cause I am not a computer whiz. Thanks a lot.
Looking back at PS and PhilGEPS ten (10) years ago....
Here is the link to a video almost 10 years ago when the PS and PhilGEPS were featured on a documentary The Correspondents titled "Tinimbang ka Ngunit Kulang". I hope they can make a sequel of this to see how far the PS and PhilGEPS becam
Posting at Philgeps
whats happening wid philgeps?cant post...waaaaaaaaaaaaaa
Registration of NGO under Foreign Contribution Regulation Act for receiving Funds from abroad
Registration under Section 6 of Foreign Contribution Regulation Act, Foreign contribution is on of the major area that has to be regulated by the government. Any society, trust or charitable company, carrying on educational, charitable, religious,
other notice type in philgeps
good day, how & when can we actually use the "request for proposal (RFP) , invitation to prequalify (ITP) & notice of proposed procurement (NPP)". just curious, I never use these types of notices in posting in philgeps. these notices
posting of under 50 thousand purcahse of goods
I am not member of TWG of BAC but i'm the one preparing purchase request and order in our office i'd like to know if below fifty thousand request for goods such as spare parts and construction materials do i need to post it in philgeps or not? and if it i
Want to edit Active Post
What if unintentionally the time of the closing date was entered wrong and want to edit but the post is already active (which means, any edit that needs to be done, can't be done). Why is it that active post cant be edited, isn't it possible that we ca
Infrastructure Projects for Posting
Good morning to all of you here. I just want to ask your help regarding posting of INFRASTRUCTURE PROJECTS in the Philgeps. Under the new GPPB resolution, can we adopt this system for posting in the Philgeps? LOI and Tender Documents = 7 calendar
Can anyone access bid documents?
Can anyone register on PhilGEPS to download bid documents for purposes of scrutiny and scholarly discussion? Is the amount paid for the bid documents only required if you will actually take part in the bid?
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