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"Yale researchers find key to baldness"
Found this on a newsblog I read. For whatever it's worth. Sorry if someone posted about this before.
Dr Mercola on Dr Oz
If you missed it yesterday
Colostrum is apparently great for relieving symptoms of people with autoimmune diseases (rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, etc...)and helps treat some patients with alopecia areata. Perhaps this might be a good supplement for the rest of us. Any
Safe to use Saw Palmetto Topically?
I just got ordered a shampoo called Avalon Thickening Shampoo It has some positive feedback, and one of its 'active' ingredients is Saw Palmetto
Why is nobody using Topical MSM and high amounts MSM orally? Look this pictures!!!
MSM is pretty power if consumed orally and used as a topical! It can reverse baldness! Look this pictures: Did ANYBODY EVER tried very high amounts of MSM orally and as a daily topical? I mean more than 10.000mg MSM daily. Please
Iodine for Autoimmune neuropathy and hair loss questions (CS?)
Hi Everyone, I'm 23 years old and have had CFS like issues my whole life. Lately, things have devolved to the point that my immune system attacks my nerves and I get twitching and tingling. Thankfully, they have ruled out MS , and I keep it at bay for
Hello CS, My mother suffers from Bronchiectasis. Do you know of any natural remedies/Supps that may help her condition? Thank you fritz
DMSO and Melatonin for Crohns disease? Thoughts?
Hey guys. A lot of you are likely familiar with my case of hairloss that I attribute to Cohns disease, and after trying a multitude of natural (and unnatural) cures for CD, I've come across another one that I am going to try, assuming the smart people her
topical iodine
when people talked about using iodine to fight hairloss topically, does it have to be lugols? or can it be iosol?
Back on the kefir!
Well, after chickening out of kefir a while back (I attempted to make both water and dairy, and kinda didn't fully get on with either at the time - guess it was all a bit new!), I have decided to give it another blast! I've spent a slightly pricey £15,
Topical Spirulina?
I have tried this for 2 days now with a lil emu oil as a base.... wonder if their are any thoughts on this?
topical sauerkraut?
Has anyone tried applying sauerkraut topically on the scalp, maybe just the sauerkraut juice/liquid?
Another liver topic - HFCS induced damage
I'm becoming more aware of the amount of fructose I consume in a day, whether high-fructose corn syrup or just fruits/veggies. I scoured the forum looking for HFCS effects on the liver. Much like CS, the first 25 years of my life involved an incredible
what to mix with iodine for topical use?
heard grapefruit seed extract was good, but dont want DHT inhibitor as being applied to gentials, any ideas?
Scalp Inflammation.
First off I want to ask what is scalp inflammation? I've always had scalp inflammation and believe it contributes greatly to my hair loss. Unfortuenatly, I've never been able to treat it properly. Most hair loss sufferer's use Ketoconazole in the
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