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Where is the sleeve to bypass forum please?
I had posted on the new 'sleeve to bypass' forum which was started up on my request. Now it's gone and I would have like to have got the messages sent in reply to my posts. I don't understand why the bypass is so taboo on this site when it is often done
Going from a sleeve to Gastric Bypass. Anybody gone through this??
I still have a fistula 15 months after my surgery. My surgeon has suggested that having the GB would take the pressure off my stomach and the fistula can heal. I am concerned about this, as I did all my research before the sleeve and had vetoed the GB a
Waiting Lists?
Hi everyone.. just curious if there are waiting lists for sleeve surgery. If so, how long did you wait for your op?
Famous sleevers
Just wondering does anyone know if anyone famous has ever had a sleeve? I am just curious.
Palatible Multivit??
Hi, Currently I am holding my nose and taking the Swisse women's multivit which is enormous and the taste makes me retch. So does anyone know of a normal sized tastless multivit? Ta! Pom x
Do the staples dissolve?
I haven't had the chance to ask my doctor but does anyone know if the staples dissolve or are they permanent?
tiredness - 6 months post op
Im basically at my 6 month anniversary and am feeling crazy tired. I have recently moved countries (now living in thailand) and have been exercising alot. I now run 5km per day and do at least 20 mins of weights. I have only recently been feeling so
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