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Phosphatidylserine Lowers Cortisol, Increases Testosterone
Check out this new VRP article
CS - Testosterone-induced suppression of self-healing Plasmodium chabaudi malaria
Testosterone-induced suppression of self-healing Plasmodium chabaudi malaria: an effect not mediated by androgen receptors? W. P. M. Benten, F. Wunderlich and H. Mossmann This study investigates whether androgen receptors (AR) mediate the suppressive
Testosterone in females and migraines...
Is there any correlation? Do women suffer migraines if they have low or high testosterone levels? Does anybody know? I found something about the low levels, but I would like to about high levels particularly as somebody have asked me about
Interesting Read on Lignans
Fellas, Been busy finishing up my job and preparing to move back to CA. In the meantime, here's a little lite bedtime reading that basically shows why Caustic/IH is a genius. I
How-to increase testosterone to 1124 (range 300 - 900ng/dL)
pretty crazy stuff
Further Evidence! Excerpt with Dave Stinnett!
Further Evidence! Excerpt with Dave Stinnett! Posted by lamarzulli on November 8, 2013 Interview with David Stinnett, MUFON Investigator L.A.: Dave, you are a UFO investigator from what organization? D.S.: I don’t work for any particular
Is testosterone alone good or bad for hair?
My observation is that bald people I see have symptoms of low testosterone. Can testosterone alone harm hair or no? I did read a study on people who couldn't produce dht but had normals levels of testosterone never went bald which makes me think that T
Leaking from lower immersion heater
Hi Mike, I found your site a few years ago when I first moved in, and was successfully able to repair the sensor problem I was having. Things have worked perfectly since then for almost 3 years. Now though I'm having a different problem, I think you
Headline Starting Under Lifeline on Lower Mars
Hi, do you associate over sensitivity to headline starting under life line on lower Mars? If so - can you please explain the reasons.
Huge bullet going through my lower back
I had a dream that I cld see myself, and someone had a big bazooka type gun. They pulled the trigger and a huge bullet larger than a size of a softball came out and hit me in the left side of my lower back! I could feel the impact of it, and also at the
Sever lower Abdominal pain.
Hi friends, I had a hysterectomy 9 months ago. Well two weeks ago I began to develop pain in the center of my lower abdomen it was bad so I got prayer then went in to see my female doctor last week after a week of pain not knowing if I was having
Testosterone Booster
I am thinking of adding a testosterone booster to my supplement regimen. My main goals are to get more out of my workouts - add lean muscle while cutting fat - and to increase libido. Has anyone on this board had experience or opinions on the followin
The Come Up
I think this is the place for me. I haven't formally met anyone but I think I came into the gym when the 'team' was training and talked briefly with some of you. I'll try to fix that on the 22nd I'm going to go ahead and start my log here because this
The Topic of Testosterone and Controlling The Beast
Lurked the forum for a while, and tried to gather what I could about testosterone, which seems to be a controversial subject in the world of hair loss. In my opinion, the key is to boost total testosterone levels while minimizing the unbound fraction b
Boys' Testosterone Levels Before Birth Seen In 'Manly' Fingers, Strong Jawline
Boys' Testosterone Levels Before Birth Seen In 'Manly' Fingers, Strong Jawline Read:
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