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buckwheat cookies!
today my mom made the most DELICIOUS cookies using only buckwheat flour, organic eggs, banana and apples and coconut oil. They were SO good. This should be not that detrimental right?
Vega Vibrancy Bars (featuring sprouted buckwheat)
For those who are buckwheat crazy. These bars feature it as its main ingredient. The company's bar for quality is through the roof. I just had one. They finally made a product with less fiber. Amen.
Vitamin D and Testosterone
Just joined so if this has come up before please forgive me. Up until now there have been no studies done on humans with regard to vitD and changes in T levels. This first one at first glance appears to be bad news for hair loss
Serum Testosterone “Lower” In Men With MPB
As we previously reported, an age related decline in the testosterone to estrogen ratio in favor of estrogen has been shown to disrupt immune synchronization and increase the overall incidence of hair loss, prostate enlargement, and abdominal fat
D-chiro-inositol ?
What is the difference btw D-Chiro-inositol and IP-6 ? Is Inositol-hexaphosphate a precursor of the former and can IP-6 supplementation cover the deficiency of DCI ,we MPBers supposedly present? What dosing of IP-6 would be necessary? Iherb carrie
CS - Testosterone-induced suppression of self-healing Plasmodium chabaudi malaria
Testosterone-induced suppression of self-healing Plasmodium chabaudi malaria: an effect not mediated by androgen receptors? W. P. M. Benten, F. Wunderlich and H. Mossmann This study investigates whether androgen receptors (AR) mediate the suppressive
Testosterone in females and migraines...
Is there any correlation? Do women suffer migraines if they have low or high testosterone levels? Does anybody know? I found something about the low levels, but I would like to about high levels particularly as somebody have asked me about
Interesting Read on Lignans
Fellas, Been busy finishing up my job and preparing to move back to CA. In the meantime, here's a little lite bedtime reading that basically shows why Caustic/IH is a genius. I
Available T, SHBG, DHT and Estrgoen
So I need some clarification on how Testosterone is used by the body. I've read in the past that only free T (non SHBG bound) is considered active and therefore able to be used by the muscles and body in general. So it seems that TOTAL T wouldn't matter.
Very low testosterone
Hi everyone, For the last few years, I have been getting my testosterone numbers tested about two or three times per year. I am male and 33 years old now and when I was in my early 20s, I had my testosterone tested and my total was in the upper 200s.
apple cider vinegar - lower blood glucose
Hi Guys, Have a look... Apple Cider Vinegar Before Meals Vinager and Diabetes Study #1 The research team from Arizona state university, have recently shown that drinking apple cider vinegar slows the rise of blood sugar after the consumption of
Do we all agree High Testosterone is good for hair?
There is this common misconception among the general public that bald people have more testosterone. But as I stated before I highly believe balding men have lower testosterone and too high of estrogen. Just take a look at propecia which admittedly is
Why it makes sense to reduce androgens or optiimize hormonal profile
Recently, binding studies showed that the dermal papilla of hair follicles of balding subjects contains more androgen receptors than that of normal subjects. As a consequence of this hormone pathway, abnormal sebum secretion may occur, which in turn
Immortal - what is the best and natural way to increase TESTOSTERONE?
I really do not want to go the TRT route. Can you kindly provide some advice? Thanks
How-to increase testosterone to 1124 (range 300 - 900ng/dL)
pretty crazy stuff
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