Cancer indication in the palm

Cancer indication in the palm

I believe that we have a duty of care to our clients. Without being a prophet of gloom, I believe we need to make people aware of the necessity of medical check-ups before a disease becomes full-blown. However, how to tell them these things is not easy, as telling someone they have the prospect of having cancer at a certain age makes people feel they've been given a death sentence. I used to skirt around it and say they need to get rid of their resentments, but due to [......]
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Hello, Well its great that i am getting knowledge about palmistry everyday. My question is that which line in palm indicates about a person's carrier, whether he/she will go for a JOB or BUSINESS. And also how much the mounts influence those lines.
Hi, Experts ! Below is the palm of indian movie star. This guy is a popular movie star since 1990's and He is a very rich guy. You can see clear indication of M or money sign in his hand. Mounts in his palm properly developed and
Dear all, I've been observing my hand from years. I am very interested in palmistry. I tried to search on internet & read many documents but could not clarify lines in my palm. I am uploading picture of my palm. I tried to put some markings in the
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A NEWLY found ink between fatty diet and tumour spread could lead to new treatments for the deadliest forms of cancer, a study part-funded in Scotland has found. The research which was described as "ground-breaking" by the St Andrews-based
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