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Is Philgeps Registration of suppliers mandatory in all forms of procurement like SHOPPING, NEGOTIATED and PUBLIC BIDDING?
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i am already registered , but why can't i log in ?
I would like to have a clear understanding of the registration of an agency to PHILGEPS. Our main office is already registered to PHILGEPS, but we have satellite offices who have local BAC. are they required to register separately?
I registered Last July 04, 2012. I want to get a copy of certificate of registration. How can i get it.
talaga po bang matagal ang confirmation pag nagregister po ako sa philgeps??
1. Go to and log in with your PhilGEPS User ID and password. 2. You shall be directed to the PENDING TASKS page. Click the UPGRADE link adjacent to REGISTRATION. Transition page will appear, click BLUE MEMBERSHIP button at the botto
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